Hiking Boots That Can Be Resoled

When I first purchased my hiking boots, I was thrilled with their comfort and performance on the trails. They accompanied me on countless adventures, offering the support and traction I needed.

But after 1.5 years of rigorous use my shoe sole showed signs of wear and tears. Those shoes were expensive so I don’t also want to buy new ones. To my dismay, the company didn’t offer any resoling services for their shoes.

Hiking Boots That Can Be Resoled

It was disappointing to learn that the company didn’t have a resoling program in place, leaving me with limited options. But later, I discovered that there are hiking boots companies that provide resoling services also for the exact shoe they sell. In this article, I will share my experience and delve into the world of resoleable hiking boots.

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Hiking Boots That Can Be Resoled?

Whether it’s branded or locally-made footwear, the majority of shoes can indeed be resoled through companies or local cobblers. However, some brands take their commitment to customer satisfaction a step further by offering specialized repair and resoling services for their hiking boots.

As an avid shoe enthusiast, I’ve conducted thorough research and discovered ten reputable shoe brands that not only manufacture high-quality footwear but also offer top-notch repair services to extend the lifespan of their products.

Hiking Boots That Can Be Resoled?

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Here’s an overview of each brand, along with customer-based reviews of their repair services:


Known for their durable rubber soles, Vibram offers resoling services for hiking and outdoor boots. Customers praise their expert craftsmanship, with many stating that the resoled boots perform as good as new, providing excellent traction and longevity.

Red Wing Shoes

Renowned for their rugged work boots, Red Wing Shoes provides resoling services to maintain the boots’ sturdiness.

Satisfied customers appreciate the brand’s commitment to quality, with the repaired boots feeling comfortable and durable after the service.


A popular choice for hiking boots, Danner offers resoling options to keep their boots in top condition.

Positive reviews mention that the resoled boots continue to deliver the same level of support and reliability, making them worth the investment.

Allen Edmonds

Famed for their dress shoes, Allen Edmonds’ recrafting service, including resoling, receives praise from customers.

The repaired shoes often look nearly new, and many customers appreciate the brand’s efforts to preserve the shoes’ original appearance.


Known for their comfortable sandals and clogs, Birkenstock offers resoling services for their classic cork footbeds.

Customers are pleased with the results, stating that the repaired sandals maintain their signature comfort and support.


Renowned for a wide range of footwear, including hiking boots, Timberland may offer resoling options through some of their stores or authorized repair centers. Customer reviews highlight the brand’s efforts to restore the boots’ performance and durability.

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Famous for durable work boots, Wolverine may provide resoling services for certain models.

Positive feedback indicates that the repaired boots continue to withstand tough conditions, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality.


A well-respected brand for rugged outdoor boots, Chippewa’s resoling services earn positive reviews for maintaining the boots’ durability and support. Customers often praise the brand’s attention to detail in the repair process.

Dr. Martens

Known for their iconic boots and shoes, Dr. Martens may offer repair services, including resoling, for select styles. Customer reviews express satisfaction with the quality of repairs, stating that the resoled shoes retain their distinctive style and comfort.

R.M. Williams

Renowned for their handcrafted leather boots, R.M. Williams offers repair services to keep their boots in excellent condition. Customers appreciate the brand’s craftsmanship and attention to detail, with the repaired boots showcasing the same level of quality as when they were new.

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Overall, these shoe brands have garnered positive reviews for their repair services, with customers expressing satisfaction in the durability, performance, and appearance of the resoled footwear.

It’s essential to inquire directly with each brand or their authorized retailers for specific details on resoling services, as offerings may vary depending on the location and shoe model.

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Pros and Cons of Selecting Manufacturing Company

Certainly! If you have bought shoes from Vibram and are considering sending them back to Vibram for resoling, here are some pros and cons to consider:


1. Expertise: Vibram is the original manufacturer of the outsoles, so they have extensive knowledge and expertise in resoling their own shoes.

2. Compatibility: Sending the shoes back to Vibram ensures that they will be resoled with the exact same outsole, maintaining the original performance and feel of the shoes.

3. Quality Materials: Vibram is likely to use high-quality materials for the resoling process, which can contribute to the durability and longevity of the shoes.

4. Customization: Vibram may offer options for different types of outsoles, allowing you to customize the shoes to your specific needs or preferences.

5. Warranty Consideration: Depending on the terms and conditions, getting the shoes resoled by Vibram may not void any existing warranties on the product.

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1. Cost: Sending the shoes back to Vibram for resoling could be more expensive compared to getting them resoled by a local cobbler or shoe repair shop.

2. Shipping Time: Sending the shoes back and forth to Vibram might take longer, resulting in more downtime without your favorite pair of hiking boots.

3. Local Options: Depending on your location, there might be skilled cobblers or shoe repair shops that can resole your shoes locally, which could be more convenient.

4. Limited Choices: Vibram’s resoling options may be limited to specific outsoles they offer, which might not cater to all individual preferences or activities.

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