10 Best Hiking Boots For Very Narrow Feet : Expert Approved in 2023

I know many people get shoes from online stores like Amazon or Rei and in most cases they get perfectly fit.

But often people have narrow feet and finding the perfect pair of hiking boots for them become a complicating task. The it requires some patience, research, and personal testing.

But I have done some research and some pairs of boots I have personally tried in the 4 year of hiking experience. I am sure those shoes will be get fit in the narrow feet as well.

Everybody knows that only with the right pair of boots, you can enjoy a comfortable and safe hike without any discomfort or blisters.

And some brands also offer narrow sizes shoes ormore streamlined design that caters to those with narrower feet.

So here in this blog we will look at each and every shoes and it’s specifications whether it can fit in a very narrow feet or not.

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Our Top Picks


Columbia Men’s Newton Hiking Boot

Best For Harsh Weather & Challenging Trails


Skechers Men’s Relment-Pelmo Hiking Boot

Best For Narrow Shoes Enthusiasts


Nunn Bush Men’s Excursion Chukka Boot

Overall Comfortable, Supportive and Provide Traction

Best Hiking Boots For Very Narrow Feet

I have selected best of the best narrow feet hiking boots. But how these boots will get fit in narrow feet. Mostly these boots have EVA and Vibram soles that would be adjusted according to the user feet dimension. So I you have a very narrow feet you can consider from any of these and I am sure that this will be your last search.


Nunn Bush Men’s Excursion Chukka Boot

  • Weight : 2.5 lbs
  • Ratings : 3.9

I have listed this shoe on the number due to some reasons. The Nunn Bush Kore City Boot is an excellent choice for those with narrow feet who want a comfortable, supportive, and sturdy hiking boot.

Nunn Bush’s KORE technology is biomechanically designed for walking and provides support and cushioning for every step. The footbed is created with 20% Bloom Algae, which helps clean water and air. If you have very narrow feet you can try Nunn shoe in your life due to its amazing cushioning support.

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Other then that comfort gel footbed combines molded EVA with a Memory Foam insole, Softgel heel pod, and Smartscent footbed technology provides superior cushioning, all-day support, and odor control. Your feet will stay fit and odor free at the same time.

Other than that boot’s mesh linings are fully padded and provides exceptional moisture management and 360-degree padding. Your feet has no chance to move inside the shoe. The sole is also designed to propel you forward that makes walking easier and more comfortable.

I will say that the Nunn Bush is an excellent choice for hiking or any outdoor activity that requires sturdy comfortable footwear. These are the best hiking boots for very narrow feet.


  • Biomechanically designed for walking, providing support and cushioning for every step
  • Comfort Gel footbed with Memory Foam insole
  • Breathable, fully padded mesh linings for exceptional moisture management and 360-degree padding
  • KORE technology makes walking easier and more comfortable


  • The boots may feel a little heavy for some users
  • The boots may not be suitable for extreme terrain or heavy-duty hiking

Jack Wolfskin Men’s Force Striker Shoes

  • Weight : N/A
  • Ratings : 4.4

In my second choice Jack Wolfskin Men’s Texapore Mid Boot landed and is also an excellent choice for narrow feet hikers.

This boot offers excellent support, stability, and comfort on the trail with its advanced features and high-quality materials. And I am also well aware from one draw back of the boot that they are quite expensive but are wortht investment for those who want the best hiking experience.

The Jack also features a lightweight textile upper that provides excellent breathability and comfort. Your feet will have no problem of sweating in the shoe. The boot also features a TEXAPORE O2+ waterproof, breathable membrane that keeps feet dry and comfortable in all weather conditions.

The collar and tongue are made from soft, supple synthetic fabric that helps to prevent rubbing and blisters. On one side your feet will stay fit and organized and on the hand they will also stay comfortable.

The Force Plate technology in the forefoot provides a dynamic and responsive ride, while the EVA midsole offers excellent cushioning and precise motion guidance. The Reflex Foam in the heel provides superior comfort and reduces the effort required when walking.

The VIBRAM outsole is exclusive to Jack Wolfskin and offers excellent traction on all types of terrain. The TPU welding on the side and front of the boot provides additional stability and support.

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  • Waterproof and breathable membrane
  • FORCE PLATE technology provides a dynamic ride.
  • EVA midsole offers excellent cushioning
  • REFLEX FOAM in the heel provides superior comfort
  • VIBRAM outsole offers excellent traction


  • Some customers have reported that the boots are not durable

Columbia Men’s Crestwood Hiking Shoe

  • Weight : 2.35
  • Ratings : 4.5

As far as I know all the Colombia boots are super comfortable and durable. Here is also a same case. Columbia is known for its innovative and high-quality outdoor gear, and the Men’s Crestwood Hiking Boot is no exception.

Let me tell you Crestwood Boot features advanced technology that make it distinguish from other hiking boots. The lightweight, durable midsole provides long-lasting comfort and superior cushioning, while the high-energy return ensures that your feet stay energized throughout your hike.

You will become worry free after wearing that shoe because the advanced traction rubber sole provides slip-free movement on rough ground and allows you to hike confidently and safely.

This is also designed with handy features that make it comfortable and worry-free for days out on the trail. The waterproof full-grain leather and mesh bootie construction keep your feet dry and comfortable, while the durable mesh tongue provides breathability.

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The lace-up closure allows for an adjustable, secure fit, ensuring that your feet stay comfortable and supported throughout your hike. This feature is especially helpful for hikers with narrow feet, as it allows for a customized fit that is comfortable and secure.

The multi-terrain traction system of the Crestwood Boot matches specially formulated compounds and treads to specific environments, ensuring solid footing on surfaces such as ice and snow. The dual-zone winter tread pattern provides excellent traction, allowing you to hike confidently and safely in any weather conditions.

This boot is designed to provide maximum comfort, durability, and traction for any outdoor adventure, making it an excellent choice for hikers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Lightweight, durable midsole
  • Advanced traction rubber sole for slip-free movement
  • Soft mesh and suede exterior for style and durability
  • Multi-terrain traction system for solid footing


  • The mesh material may not provide enough insulation for colder weather conditions

Vasque Men’s Talus at Ud Mid Hiking Boot

  • Weight : 2lbs
  • Ratings : 4.4

I have personally used Vasque Talus AT (All-Terrain) Hiking Boot and I can tell you that it could also be am excellent choice for hikers.

I will say that if you are looking for a shoe that can withstand any environment with narrow feet this shoe is best because it is designed to be comfortable and durable, with a Molded EVA and TPU Shank midsole and a Dual Density EVA footbed. Made from high-quality materials and designed for maximum comfort, durability, and stability, this boot is perfect for hiking on any terrain.

If I talk about its creation then it is made from high-quality materials, including 1.8 mm waterproof nubuck leather and abrasion-resistant mesh. The boot is designed to provide maximum underfoot comfort, durability, and stability.

The Talus AT also features a Vibram Mega Nuasi outsole that delivers a lightweight, durable sole while ensuring solid footing across varying terrain with aggressive traction and toe protection.

The outsole is designed to provide maximum traction on any surface, from rocky trails to wet, slippery terrain. I have used them so I can vote for it.

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  • Made from high-quality materials, including 1.8 mm waterproof nubuck leather and abrasion-resistant mesh
  • Provides maximum underfoot comfort, durability, and stability
  • Features an UltraDry waterproof membrane
  • Features a Vibram Mega Nuasi outsole


  • Maybe a bit heavy for some hikers

KEEN Men’s Targhee 3 Hiking Boots

  • Weight : 1.14 lbs
  • Ratings : 4.4

On fifth number I have a special Keen Women’s Terradora Hiking Boot. It is a reliable and durable footwear option that has been designed to provide comfort, support, and protection for thrill hikers like me.

Actually this shoe was recommended by my buddy because he mainly used to wear it on hiking with me.

The external support shank and contoured heel provide added stability and support, making this boot a reliable and durable choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Keen features a mid-cut height for added ankle support and balance on uneven terrain, while the external support shank provides extra stability.

My friend was telling that it’s dry membrane usually keeps his feet dry and comfortable in wet conditions, while the Keen All-terrain rubber outsole offers him high traction on slippery and rocky surfaces.

Now if we see on comfort of the shoe then padded tongue and collar offer added comfort, while the removable metatomical footbed provides excellent arch support and cradles the natural contours of the foot.

My friend was telling that the boot may take some time to break in, but once it does, it will provide excellent comfort and support for long hikes and outdoor adventures.


  • Keen All-terrain rubber outsole
  • Non-marking rubber outsoles
  • External Support Shank and the mid-cut height
  • The contoured heel provides next-level stability.
  • Removable metatomical footbed design


  • May not be suitable for those with wider feet


Columbia Men’s Newton Hiking Boot

  • Weight : 2.8 lbs
  • Ratings : 4.7

The boot is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and terrains, while also providing a stylish and comfortable experience. With its advanced technology and quality materials, this shoe is perfect for hiking enthusiasts who want to take on challenging trails.

It comes with advanced technology that provides comfort, cushioning and energy return. The lightweight midsole is designed to last long, while the high-traction grip outsole ensures a firm grip on any surface. This hiking shoe is perfect for narrow feet, as it provides excellent support and cushioning to prevent fatigue.

Made from high-quality materials that provide protection and comfort and the waterproof suede and leather construction make this shoe resistant to rain, muck, and puddles.

The build is sturdy, and can withstand challenging terrains and harsh weather conditions. The shoe’s metal hardware and seam-sealed construction ensure durability, making it perfect for long hikes and demanding trails.

The lace-up closure ensures a perfect fit, allowing you to adjust the shoe’s tightness according to your preference. This feature is crucial in preventing blisters and ensuring a comfortable hiking experience.

The shoe’s durable design makes it an excellent investment for hiking enthusiasts who want a long-lasting hiking shoe.

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  • Advanced technology provides excellent support and cushioning
  • Quality materials make the shoe durable
  • OMNI-GRIP technology ensures a firm grip on any surface
  • A stylish design makes the shoe suitable for everyday wear


  • The shoe’s price may be a bit steep for some buyers
  • Rugged design that may not appeal to everyone

Skechers Men’s Relment-Pelmo Hiking Boot

  • Weight : 2 lbs
  • Ratings : 4.5

The Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Boot is an excellent investment that will provide years of reliable performance and comfort. It is a durable and reliable footwear option that is designed for narrow feet enthusiasts.

Made from 100% leather, and a waterproof design, these boots are perfect for hiking, camping, or any other outdoor activity where your feet might be exposed to water or damp conditions.

Comfort is another key feature of the Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Boot. It comes with memory foam insoles that conform to the shape of your feet, providing customized support and cushioning.

This makes them ideal for people who spend long hours on their feet, or who have foot pain or discomfort. The relaxed fit of these boots ensures that they won’t feel too tight or constricting, even if you wear them for extended periods.

In terms of style, the Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Boot has a classic and timeless design that can be worn with a variety of outfits.

The rich brown color of the leather also adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to these boots, making them suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

One of the most significant advantages of these boots is their durability. Made from high-quality materials, these boots are built to last and can withstand heavy wear and tear.

They are also resistant to scratches, scuffs, and other types of damage, which means they will look good for years to come. The waterproof design of these boots also adds to their longevity, as it protects them from water damage and prevents mold and mildew from forming.

These boots can be worn in a variety of different environments, from rugged trails to city streets. They are also suitable for a range of weather conditions, from rainy days to cold winter months. Their sturdy construction and reliable performance make them an excellent choice for anyone who wants a pair of boots that can handle any challenge.

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  • Reliable and Durable
  • Memory foam insoles
  • Made from quality material


  • Memory foam insoles may not be suitable for people who prefer a firmer or more supportive footbed
  • The price of these boots may be a bit higher


Ariat Men’s Terrain Leather Outdoor Hiking Boots

  • Weight : 1.1 lbs
  • Ratings : 4.3

If you’re looking for a comfortable and durable pair of hiking boots, that fits well on narrow feet, the Ariat Men’s Terrain Hiking Boot is an excellent choice. These boots are designed for hikers, endurance riders, and ranchers who need a comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes that can take on even the toughest terrain.

The Ariat Men’s Terrain Hiking Boot is incredibly comfortable, thanks to the ATS technology. The boots provide excellent arch support, which makes them ideal for people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

The lightweight EVA midsole absorbs shock and provides cushioning, which makes these boots comfortable to wear even on rough terrain. The boots have a padded collar and tongue, which provides extra comfort and support around the ankle.

The Ariat Men’s Terrain Hiking Boot is built to last. The 100% leather construction is incredibly durable and can withstand even the toughest terrain. The Duratread outsole provides excellent wear resistance and flexibility, which means that these boots can handle a lot of wear and tear. The boots are also easy to clean; you can wipe them regularly with mild soap and water using a soft cloth to dust off the dirt.

The boots are also easy to clean; you can wipe them regularly with mild soap and water using a soft cloth to dust off the dirt.

The Ariat Men’s Terrain Hiking Boot has a classic and timeless design that looks good with any outfit. The boots are available in several colors, including brown, black, and copper. The boots have a rugged and masculine look, which makes them ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. These are the best hiking boots for very narrow feet.


  • Excellent arch support
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Moisture-wicking lining keeps feet dry
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suitable for extreme weather conditions
  • Some users find the boots run small, so it’s important to order the correct size

Vasque Men’s St. Elias Hiking Boot

  • Weight : 3.13 lbs
  • Ratings : 4.3

It’s essential to invest in a good pair of hiking boots that offer durability, comfort, and support. But for those with narrow feet, finding the right pair can be a challenge. The St. Elias Full-Grain Gore-Tex hiking boots from Vasque are an excellent investment for hikers with narrow feet.

These boots are crafted with premium materials that offer long-distance durability and all-day comfort. The upper is constructed of full-grain 2.2mm Waterproof leather, which is highly durable and provides excellent protection against water and abrasion.

The Nappa leather collar adds extra comfort to the boots. The boots come equipped with a GORE-TEX waterproof membrane, which effectively blocks moisture from the outside while allowing moisture inside to evaporate. This feature is especially useful when hiking in wet or rainy conditions, as it keeps your feet dry and comfortable.

The St. Elias hiking boots also come with a dual-density all-terrain compound midsole that provides exceptional cushioning and support. The EVA cushioning pods offer added comfort, while the thermo-plastic shank enhances stability and reduces foot fatigue.

The boots feature a Vasque-exclusive Vibram Frontier Outsole with XSTREK compound technology, which provides excellent traction and grip on all types of terrain. This outsole is designed to offer maximum durability and stability, making it perfect for long-distance hikes.

The D-ring lacing system is an excellent feature for those with narrow feet, as it provides extra support and ensures a snug fit. It also helps prevent your feet from slipping or sliding around inside the boots, reducing the risk of blisters and hot spots. These are the best hiking boots for very narrow feet.

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  • Offer superior quality materials
  • a GORE-TEX waterproof membrane
  • Vibram Frontier Outsole and D-ring lacing system


  • Heavy
  • Expensives


Propét Men’s Ridge Walker Hiking Boot

  • Weight : N/A
  • Ratings : 4.2

These boots are also designed for people with narrow feet. They offer great comfort and support during long hikes. They are made from high-quality materials, and their design is perfect for hiking on rough terrains.

They are durable, long-lasting, and provide excellent support and comfort during long hikes. The rubber sole provides good traction, and the removable footbed allows you to insert your orthotics if you have any foot issues.


  • Perfect for Narrow Feet
  • Durable and Long-Lasting
  • Removable Footbed
  • Medicare Approved
  • Lightweight


  • Limited Color Options
  • Not Waterproof

Do Narrow Hiking Boots Affect The Overall Performance Of Hiking?

Yes, narrow hiking boots affect the overall performance of hiking. Hiking boots are designed to provide support, stability, and comfort on uneven and rough terrain.

If the boots are too narrow, they cause discomfort, pain, and even blisters, that affects your ability to hike for long distances. Wearing narrow hiking boots also leads to foot fatigue and decreased stability, which can increase the risk of falls and injuries.

Therefore, it’s important to choose hiking boots that fit well and provide ample support and protection for your feet. Don’t let narrow feet hinder your hiking experience and invest in a pair of hiking boots that are designed for your feet.

I know some hikers may not be able to get enough narrow shoes for their feet. So for that time, I have some applied tips and tricks that would help them to wear their wider shoes comfortably. Here are some tricks you can also try:

If your shoes didn’t get you fit then wear two pairs of socks, one thin and one thicker will help fill some of the extra space inside the boot and provide a snugger fit.

I have applied this trick multiple times when I used to wear my elder brother’s hiking boots. Believe me, it will work for you too.

For example you don’t want to wear double socks then consider adding cushioned insoles or heel inserts to take up extra space and provide additional support and comfort. This is a more practical way because this trick will not stop the breathability of your shoe.

Sometimes some sort of lace adjustments also make your shoes fit. So experiment with different lacing techniques to customize the fit.

For example, you can try the “heel lock” lacing method to prevent your foot from sliding forward in the boot. There are also many other methods you can try on lace adjustments.

Personally, this is my favorite step. I mostly use orthotic insoles in my shoes although my boots become fit in my feet. If you have custom orthotic insoles, insert them into the boots to provide a better fit and arch support.

In trying all these tips and tricks, make sure that your toes have enough room to wiggle comfortably in the boot’s toe box. Your toes should not feel cramped.

Otherwise, the pain would be felt in your toes after hiking. I have done this mistake in my early days so I was telling you. Toe protection is very necessary so always keep your toes free inside the hiking boots.

In the end, I hope you will hiking boots according to your need in this blog. When you decide to buy hiking boots for narrow feet, take your time and prioritize comfort and support.

See various brands and models and buy the only pair which you like the most because I also do the same thing. I don’t buy any products just by seeing them.

I check that product on multiple sites and shops and then I buy a product that usually lasts with me for years.

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