Can Walking Boots Be Resoled Or Repaired In 2023?

At first, I believed that walking boots generally don’t wear out their soles quickly because they are not subjected to rough usage. But I was wrong because my walking boots sole began to show signs of wear.

Is It Worth Resoling Walking Boots?

Can Walking Boots Be Resoled
Can Walking Boots Be Resoled

However, age is also a factor, and at some point, walking shoes may experience wear and tear. So, the main question is whether we can resole walking shoes. In this article, we will explore the possibility of resoling walking boots and the factors that come into play.

Can Walking Boots Be Resoled?

In my opinion, when it comes to resoling walking boots, I believe it’s a fantastic option, especially if you have a pair of high-quality and comfortable boots that I’ve grown attached to over the years.

But it’s essential to understand that not all types of walking shoes can be resoled. Some high-quality walking boots, designed with resoling in mind, may have a construction that allows for sole replacement.

However, certain walking shoes may not be designed with resoling in mind, making it challenging or even impossible to resole them.

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And the price is another factor. Maybe your actual shoe becomes less than resoling of the same walking shoe. So before resoling your walking shoe keep this thing in your mind also.

Can Walking Boots Be Resoled

Factors to consider

Factors such as the shoe’s original construction, the condition of the upper, and the availability of compatible replacement soles play a significant role in determining whether resoling is feasible.

Before deciding to resole your walking boots, consider the cost of resoling compared to purchasing a new pair. Sometimes, the cost of resoling may be close to or even higher than buying a new pair of walking shoes.

In such cases, it’s essential to evaluate the overall condition of the shoes and decide whether resoling makes economic sense. If the cost of resoling is reasonable and the shoes are still in decent shape, I’d go ahead with the service without hesitation.

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Companies that resole walking boots

There are some companies that specialize in the resoling process for walking boots and hiking shoes. Here are a few notable names:

Companies like Vibram, ShoeRescue, Dave Page Cobbler, Northwest Foot & Ankle, Rocky Mountain Resole, and NuShoe that specialize in resoling hiking boots gives me peace of mind.

These companies have established themselves as experts in the field, and the knowledge that they can rejuvenate my cherished hiking boots and give them a new lease on life is comforting.

When I imagine taking my worn-out hiking boots to one of these reputable companies, I feel reassured that their skilled cobblers will carefully assess the condition of the shoes. Their expertise will guide them in making a well-informed decision on whether resoling is the right option for my specific boots.

Please note that the specific services and offerings of each company may vary, so it’s advisable to check their websites or contact them directly for more detailed information.

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While resoling walking boots is possible for some high-quality footwear, it may not be feasible for all shoes. If your walking boots have significant wear on the soles, it’s best to consult a shoe repair professional to assess whether resoling is a viable option.

Properly resoled walking shoes can provide extended use and contribute to reducing waste, making them a sustainable choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want to keep their favorite pair of boots in top shape.

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