What Size Hiking Backpack For 12 Year Old Girl

In my experience of traveling and hiking, lots of teenage girls also want to explore nature through hiking. Like boys, they are very thrilled about hiking and trekking but going on hiking often comes with its own sets of requirements. People also ask the question “What should a 12-year-old girl carry on her hike?”

No doubt hiking is an exciting and adventurous activity but the key to a successful hike for 12 year old is smart and careful packing. One thing I want to mention here is that girls and boys have different physical strengths, and it’s crucial to ensure they’re not burdened with heavy loads.

As a local rule, experts recommend that children shouldn’t carry more than 10% of their body weight in their backpacks. This guideline helps prevent strain and discomfort. And I also prefer this thing that a 12 year old child could have any problem If we will put some extra weight on it.

Now if your 10-year-old girl weighs 35 kilograms (about 77 pounds), a backpack weighing around 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds) is sufficient fo her. This isn’t just for hiking; it’s also essential for their daily school routine.

It is important to tell you because overloading a child’s backpack often leads to back pain, poor posture, and even potential long-term health issues. But it’s not just about girls; the same rule applies to boys.

By following this simple rule, you’re helping your kids maintain good posture, stay comfortable, and reduce the risk of health issues related to heavy backpacks.

So if it’s a school day or a fun family hike, remember to keep your children’s backpacks light, around 10% of their body weight. It’s a small adjustment that will make a big difference in their overall health and happiness.

For a boy parents also ask the same question that what is the right weight for a hiking backpack for your 12-year-old boy.

It’s important to recognize that boys at this age are more physically fit and robust due to their growth and development. But every child is unique, so it’s crucial to tailor your decisions to your child’s specific needs and health.

Many experts suggest a guideline of 10% of your child’s body weight as the maximum load for a backpack. For example, if your child weighs around 100 pounds, that would translate to a 10-pound backpack.

But if your child is healthy, active, and has been accustomed to carrying a backpack, you might consider a slightly higher weight range, say 11.5 to 15 pounds. This will offer a bit more flexibility and convenience, provided your child feels comfortable and is not experiencing any discomfort.

It is also essential to have an open dialogue with your child. Ask them how they feel while carrying the backpack and during the hike. Are they comfortable?

Are there any signs of strain or discomfort? Regularly checking in with your child ensures that their backpack weight is manageable and safe for their well-being.

Here are some options and considerations for the best hiking backpack for a 5-year-old is essential to ensure their comfort, safety, and enjoyment during outdoor adventures.


Deuter Kikki Backpack

  • Best Backpack 12 For Children

This backpack is designed specifically for young children and comes in fun, colorful designs. It’s lightweight, has adjustable straps, and includes features like a teddy bear clip and a reflective loop for visibility.


Osprey Kid’s Pogo Daypack

  • Best Backpack For 5 year children

Osprey makes high-quality backpacks, and the Kid’s Pogo is no exception. It’s durable, comfortable, and comes in various sizes suitable for different ages, including 5-year-olds.


REI Co-op Tarn Backpack

  • Popular Choice of children

REI offers a range of children’s backpacks, and the Tarn is a popular choice. It’s adjustable, has multiple pockets, and is suitable for shorter hikes and day trips.


LittleLife Toddler Daysack

  • Best safety backpack

This backpack includes a detachable safety rein, making it ideal for keeping your child close and safe during hikes. It’s small, comfortable, and perfect for very young hikers.


Columbia Kids’ Mini Breaker Backpack

  • Lightweight and Versatile

Columbia’s Mini Breaker is a smaller backpack designed for young children. It’s simple, lightweight, and comes in various colors.

I have told you about what size size of hiking backpack for 12 year old girl and boty and also suggested some of my top picks for you. So before taking your son or daughter along with you keep these things in your mind and you’ll be safe through out your travel.

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