What Size Hiking Backpack For 10 Year Old

Selecting the right-sized hiking backpack for a 10-year-old boy is indeed a perplexing question.

As an older sibling, I’ve often found myself in a similar situation where my younger brother eagerly joins me on hiking adventures. In such instances, it’s crucial to ensure that the backpack suits his age and physique.

In my experience, opting for a hiking backpack with a capacity ranging from 15 to 20 litres is ideal for a 10-year-old. This size strikes a balance between providing ample storage for his essentials and not burdening him with excessive weight.

Remember, children need to carry their own gear to foster independence and responsibility while hiking. When taking my brother on nearby trails, I’ve noticed that he appreciates having his own backpack, as it makes him feel like a true adventurer.

It also teaches him the importance of packing wisely and not overloading.
In this guide, i’ll delve into the important factors to consider when selecting the perfect size hiking backpack for your 10-year-old adventurer.

From capacity to comfort, we’ll help you make an informed choice so that your child can carry their essentials comfortably and safely during your outdoor escapades.

Selecting the appropriate size hiking backpack for a 10-year-old is crucial to ensure their comfort and safety during outdoor adventures.

A backpack in the range of 15 to 20 liters is suitable for most 10-year-olds.This size provides enough space to carry essentials like water, snacks, a small jacket, and personal items without being too large or cumbersome for a child of that age.

But the specific size may vary depending on factors like the child’s height, build, and the duration of the hike.

Before choosing a backpack, measure your child’s torso length. To do this, have your child stand straight and measure from the base of their neck to the top of their hips. This measurement helps determine the appropriate backpack size.

Once you have the backpack, make sure it fits properly. Start by adjusting the shoulder straps to ensure they sit comfortably on your child’s shoulders.
The sternum strap should be fastened across their chest, and the hip belt should rest snugly on their hips, helping distribute the load evenly.

It’s always a good idea to have your child try on the backpack to ensure a proper fit. It should sit comfortably on their shoulders and not be too large or small.

Ensure that the backpack fits the child properly. Look for backpacks with adjustable straps and harnesses, and make adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit. It should sit well on their shoulders and not be too large or too small.

Be mindful of the weight of the backpack. Even a small backpack becomes uncomfortable if it’s overloaded. Make sure your child is not carrying more than they can handle comfortably.

Depending on the terrain and the child’s experience, it’s a good idea for an adult to supervise and help if needed during the hike.

This adjustable backpack offers a spacious 38-liter capacity, making it suitable for longer day hikes and overnight trips. Its adjustable torso length ensures a customized fit as your child grows.

With a 30-liter capacity, the Deuter Fox is perfect for day hikes. Its Vari Quick system allows for easy adjustment, and it comes with kid-friendly features like side pockets and a hydration sleeve.

For shorter hikes, the REI Co-op Tarn 18 is an excellent choice. It’s designed specifically for kids, with a comfortable fit and practical organization pockets.

If your 10-year-old is a budding backpacker, the Gregory Wander 50 provides ample space for multi-day trips. Its adjustable suspension system accommodates growth spurts.


Selecting the right-sized hiking backpack for your 10-year-old involves measuring their torso length, adjusting straps for a proper fit, and considering their hiking needs.

With top picks like the Osprey Youth Ace 38, Deuter Fox 30, REI Co-op Tarn 18, and Gregory Wander 50, you can find a backpack that combines comfort, safety, and functionality for your young adventurer’s outdoor excursions.

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